1. Frederick Contradance Message
    Sent February 25th 2015

    Dear Dancer, Had enough of winter? Come dance in Frederick this Saturday, February 28th!Perry Shafran will call to Triple Helix, a superlative trio featuring Colleen Reed, flute; Alexander Mitchell, mandolin and fiddle; and Keith Gillis, guitar. ...

  2. Frederick Contradance Message
    Sent January 13th 2015

    Hello Dancer, Special "When I'm Sixty-four" Birthday Dance in Frederick on Saturday, January 24th!Dance for FREE as Marc "Birthday Boy" Glickman's guest. Music provided by local area favorites Sugar Beat, Rambling House and so...

  3. Frederick Contradance Message
    Sent December 23rd 2014

    Hello Dancer, Dance off those holiday calories in Frederick this Saturday, December 27th!Anna Rain will call to lively tunes provided by Graham DeZarn & Friends featuring Graham DeZarn on fiddle; Jeremy Bass on guitar, bouzouki and mandolin; Stua...

  4. Frederick Contradance Message
    Sent November 18th 2014

    Hello Dancers, Dancing is a great way to stay warm! Join us in Frederick this Saturday, November 22nd, for our monthly dance.Janine Smith will call to The Boneshakers featuring David McLaughlin, fiddle and banjo; Gina Faber, mandolin and guitar; Paul...

  5. Frederick Contradance Message
    Sent October 23rd 2014

    Hello Dancer, C'mon out and dance with us in Frederick this Saturday, October 25th.Bill Trautman will call to area favorite Sugar Beat, featuring Elke Baker, fiddle; Susan Brandt, flute; Marc Glickman, piano and bodhran. Bring a snack to share at...

  6. Frederick Contradance Message
    Sent September 23rd 2014

    Hello Dancers! Welcome Autumn with the first dance of the season in Frederick this Saturday, September 27th.Greg Frock will call to Rambling House who will make some awesome music for our dancing pleasure! Joe DeZarn, fiddle; Tina Eck, wooden flute/p...

  7. Frederick Contradance Message
    Sent August 20th 2014

    Hello Dancers!, It's time for the annual SummerTunes event this Saturday, 8/23 in Frederick!Ann Fallon will call the dances as the Summertunes Band, led by pianist Liz Donaldson and fiddler Andrea Hoag, brings its huge sound to the dance hall, fo...

  8. Frederick Contradance Message
    Sent July 22nd 2014

    HELLO DANCERS, Enjoy 3 summertime favorites in Frederick this Saturday, July 26th -- a great dance, watermelon and fireworks!Anna Rain will call to fabulous tunes provided by twin fiddlers David Knight and Adam Bern; and Liz Donaldson, piano. Join us f...

  9. Frederick Contradance Message
    Sent June 24th 2014

    HELLO DANCERS, Come celebrate the first dance of summer in Frederick this Saturday, June 28th.The delightful Susan Taylor will call to the fabulous Hickman, Glickman & Devine featuring Steve Hickman, fiddle; Marc Glickman, piano; and John Devine...

  10. Frederick Contradance Message
    Sent May 21st 2014

    HELLO DANCERS, YES, there IS a dance in Frederick this Saturday, May 24!Dave Colestock will call to local favorite Melodious Thunk featuring Andrea Hoag, fiddle; Karen Ashbrook, hammer dulcimer, flute, pennywhistle; and Paul Oorts, accordion and all frett...

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